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"Aaron is so passionate about

the guitar, and he enjoys helping

students of all ages and backgrounds work

toward achieving their musical goals."

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Aaron Calabrese's interest in all things musical began with a toddler's curiosity and a record player in the early 80s in Northern Virginia. His music listening and appreciation includes many genres from classical to rock, jazz and hip hop. Training started with the piano at age 6, and continued with viola at 9, clarinet and voice at 10, alto saxophone at 12, and finally with the guitar as a high school freshman. Aaron has a Bachelor of Music degree with a focus in Sound Recording Technology from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. 

While at UMass Lowell, Aaron studied pick-style guitar in folk and classical genres. As a freshman, he complained about pain from playing in his fretting hand. Aaron's guitar teacher advised him to get a nylon-string classical guitar, and he soon bought a Yamaha CG-101. From there, Aaron began studying baroque-era string pieces arranged for pick-style guitar; among his favorites are selected pieces from J.S. Bach's 6th Cello Suite.

During Junior and Senior years at UMass Lowell, Aaron was focused on the specialized training in his Sound Recording Technology classes. He was excited to have overcome the academic hurdles that had significantly reduced his class size. Aaron dreamed of becoming a recording studio engineer working in Southern California. 


Aaron's musical journey took on a new challenge in the early 2000s.


The Apple iPod, a new technology, had begun to shake up the industry. It was a game-changer. Instead of buying CDs and full-length albums, music fans began to purchase individual songs for download to a computer or iPod. These changes brought the expectation of downsizing and restructuring to the music recording industry, and hopeful college graduates like Aaron looked ahead to hard times in their chosen career paths. Aaron's class of Sound Recording Technology students were advised to look at skills they could apply to industries outside of music as they worked toward graduation.


It seemed like Aaron's musical journey was over  :(

After graduating with a degree in music, Aaron went looking for a "real job" to help pay the bills.


Aaron worked the next 14 years in hotel management roles, such as front desk, in-room dining and restaurants, and sales & revenue management.


Everything happens for a reason. In 2007, Aaron met his one true love and future wife while working together at a Marriott hotel in Northern Virginia <3 

Aaron and his wife moved to Tampa Bay in 2016, and they continued working in hotel management.


When the Covid shutdown of 2020 came along, Aaron found an opportunity to re-start his musical journey. In August of 2020, he started working in guitars and pro audio sales for a musical instrument retailer in Tampa, Florida.

Re-starting his guitar journey, Aaron wanted to develop himself as a well-rounded guitarist who can play several different musical styles. With that, he began studying finger-style techniques. Adding finger-style provides the opportunity to play orchestral and piano music on the guitar, and his classical studies include pieces such as Pachelbel's Canon in D, "Air on the G String" from J.S. Bach's 3rd Orchestral Suite, and Prelude No. 1 from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. Aaron has a passion for Spanish guitar music, such as Malaguena by Francisco Tarrega; another favorite piece by Tarrega is Recuerdos de la Alhambra (which means "memories of the palace").


Today, Aaron works full-time for Aaron Makes Music LLC, which is based in Dunedin, Florida.


Aaron's business has 3 elements: Learn, Play, Record.

  • Learn - group and private guitar lessons.

    • With private lessons, you can customize your learning path based on your musical interests. Lessons are available at Aaron's place in Dunedin, FL, your place nearby, or remotely through Aaron's Zoom meeting room... a great option for 2021!

    • Aaron is so passionate about the guitar, and he enjoys helping students of all ages and backgrounds work towards achieving their musical goals.

    • Hire a teacher who will take the time to learn where you're at on your musical journey, who understands music and guitar theory, and who can inspire your hunger for knowledge.

  • Play - live performances - acoustic rock & vocals, and classical guitar (instrumental) music.

  • Record - music production, live and studio recording, mixing, editing and mastering.


Aaron's performing includes both acoustic rock music and classical music. Aaron is also working as a songwriter on his first full-length album recording, entitled "Places." One of these original songs, "Arlington", is featured above in the Sound Cloud player. You can also listen to songs here: https://soundcloud.com/aaroncalabrese/sets

Aaron's Guitars

Yamaha AC1R. Steel-string acoustic-electric guitar used in rock, folk and blues.

Taylor 312CE-N. Nylon-string acoustic-electric guitar used in classical and jazz.

Gibson Les Paul Tribute. Electric guitar with 2 humbucker (double-coil) pickups used in rock music.

Fender Stratocaster, American Performer. Electric guitar with 3 single-coil pickups used in rock music.

Yamaha CG-101. Nylon-string classical guitar that Aaron bought as a poor college student.

Please drop me a line and let's get started! 

727-250-2987 or aaron@aaronmakesmusic.net


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